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30th July 2007


He looks older, worn like a blade that has long been used but still sharp. He looks out of place in my mind in the clothes that he now wears. The absence of the red hachimachi I still wear is perhaps a great contributor to the oddness of his appearance, but just looking at him, knowing that this time he really is here, brings a surge of joy and something a bit more bitter -- regret, perhaps -- to my heart.

"Can we stop by Katsu's place?" I ask suddenly, looking at Sagara-taichou as we walk. I scratch my head thoughtfully. "It's just that there are two things that I can tell you with great certainty: one, he would be so glad to see you and two, he would kill me if we didn't go to see him." 
It still feels kind of surreal that Sagara-taichou is here with me, walking beside me, but I know that he really and truly is alive. I suppose I'm a bit hesitant to ask Sagara-taichou, well anything really, since he seemed reluctant to reveal himself even to me, but if he has placed his trust in me, then of course he can place it in Katsu. Afterall, both Katsu and I lived so many of our years with the Sekihoutai even after the government destroyed it. Who else can he trust in this era if not us?

24th April 2006

malcolmdie11:42pm: Well...Its amazing how much one can accomplish when one's temper snaps like a dry twig. The dojo sparkled in the sunlight, the floors scrubbed till they shone, the walls too, the garden was raked and weeded, the beds all shaken out and replaced, the larder was full of rice again (though I won't ever tell anyone it took me three trips to carry it all back here, amongst the other food I bought too), and my students were practicing hard in the yard.

Their ki-shouts were particularly strong today, echoing down the street along with the sounds of their bokken striking each other. They really were doing quite well, the oldest among them starting to grasp things like patience and helping others as a normal and necessary duty. Honestly, I must be rubbing off on them. I smile broadly as I make my rounds through the yard, helping a child reposition his hands on his bokken correctly, offering some advice to two students sparing.

No one save the students had returned to the dojo in quite some time now. Kenshin might be long gone (and if I ever see him again...), Megumi might be out visiting with former friends and patients, and Yahiko was presumebly still off with Yutaro. I didn't mind Yahiko's absence so much anymore as I figure I had been working him rather hard, but his help with the chores would have been welcome. And...suprisingly enough, there was no mooching Sano lazing about the day and eating up my food. Still, I was glad my students were here today, as the days alone did nothing for my moods. I might even go grey if it keeps up! Shuddering with that thought, I take up a bokken myself and join my students.

26th December 2005

malcolmdie5:47pm: What a wonderfully uneventful day. There was nothing to do, so rather than bother Misao for some assignment that would most assuredly be beneath me, I decided to take a turn at serving the customers in the restaurant. Not that I enjoyed that much, but it is a way to pass the time.

As a group of men stand and leave, I mutter, "Thank you and have a nice day." They left without a word, and glancing at the tip left on the table I figure I'm not too good at this. Shrugging, I pocket the money and wipe down their table before heading over to another's.

"Took you long enough!" the man grunts, holding out his cup for more sake. I don't like this guy...smells like alcohol is coming out his pores, I think then move on.

At the next table, a merchant woman giggles up at me, "My...you have some beautiful eyes. And those shoulders!" She giggles again, the twit. I'm not too sure about her intelligence. "You know? I could use a man...like you...to join me." She tried so hard to be suave but I can't help but grimace. After muttering something that sent her into another giggle, I head back to the kitchens for a quick break from these bothersome people.

24th November 2005

sanosuke_sagara11:47am: The water feels refreshing and it helps chase away my yawning.
I move slowly and steadily in fluid motions like I was taught. I cut through it with an open-faced palm, two streaks of water erupting from the force and diverging off in two nearly-parallel waves that trail off after many meters. I take my time, gathering my energy and my thoughts, releasing both with a swift and sudden force striking instantaneously twice at the water's surface, sending a wave up so far it looks like it's fighting for the clouds' positions in the sky. I breathe slowly, calmly, as the water rains down on me, forced back by gravity. I do it all over again, this time forcing the water up so far I can't see the sky for a moment.

My hands feel numb. The loose bandages are soaked with blood. My body starts to feel chilled from the water, even though the sun is shining nicely today. I shiver, feeling like there are intense eyes staring at me. I suppose my exercises might have attracted some attention... even his....

(OOC: Happy Thanksgiving, Minna!)

13th November 2005


It feels like it's been weeks since I got here, but eventually early afternoon does arrive, and though I can't be entirely happy with what my level of patience has been throughout the morning, it's not something I'm going to spend any more time dwelling on. I wrap up what I'm doing, lock up my desk, and leave the station with composure.

The question now is where I'm likely to find Sagara, and how long it's going to take to do so. I don't know that he has a home of his own after having been gone for so long, but since his previous apartment is on the way to the Kamiya dojo, it won't hurt to check both. After that, the lowlife restaurants in the neighborhood of either are the next set of stops.

Why does this seem somewhat absurd?

27th October 2005

sagara_souzou8:15pm: Time to Get Back to Real Business
The bureau building is crowded by the time I step through its doors. Outside, those hoping for some opportunity and others filled with complaint crowd around the walkway and doors as far as they dare the patience of the security officers posted. Their eyes watch me, follow me, looking for some chance to be heard. Within, clerks bustle about, caught between being at the beck and call of bureaucrats and those lucky enough to have appointments. The day is new, but their eyes already bear the signs of exhaustion.

Souzou's DayCollapse )
sanosuke_sagara5:28pm: I sit, perched on the railing of a bridge, looking rather ridiculous, I suppose, watching the sun rise over the horizon and the tops of the buildings, casting a soft, golden glow over the landscape. I couldn't sleep last night, too tired to, I guess, and felt a strange desire to wander the streets take over me.
I regret it now.
I can't stop yawning, my eyelids feel heavy and my body wants to lean forward or back and allow gravity to catch me. But upon feeling myself teetering one way or the other, I jerk awake and avoid falling into the river or backward onto the bridge.
There are already people awake and moving as though they've been awake for hours. Maybe they have been. Their energy makes me feel even more tired.
I pivot and drop down, stretching and yawning upon straightening, not ready for the day to come.

I thank Takuya for his help.
It's a good thing I sought him out, since he lent me some money, seeing as I guess I'm paying for this meal too. He's an old friend who runs a tavern of sorts. He said he could use an extra hand around the place, just doing menial tasks like cleaning up and helping with deliveries. I'll see if the kid's interested.
I arrive before he does and order myself some sake and wait for the him to show.

25th October 2005

malcolmdie2:42pm: Yet another day of routine. Probably a good thing actually. There's something soothing every once in a while to know exactly what you would do all day. First, I got up, got dressed, and made myself a light breakfast of rice and egg. I do notice that the rice is kind of low. Damn Kenshin. Even if he was skinny and almost managed to spill the rice everywhere when we went shopping, he did manage to carry it. And with Yahiko now off to reaquaint himself with Yutaro, I figure I'll have to carry it myself. Maybe not so bad an idea. A little heavy lifting could always make me a bit stronger. Yeah...I'll carry the rice next if it kills me!

I wish Yutaro-chan would come and say hello. I do miss him, and being my second student and all I really would love to see how he'd grown since leaving for Europe. Maybe I could even train him again! That would be great if he had healed enough to pick up the sword again, or maybe we could practice with his off hand. My other students had asked before about him, seing his name on the wall next to father's, Yahiko's, and my own. And Megumi...I hope she comes back and visits some more before she leaves again. And Sano too.

Pfft. I feel like a weepy old-maid! Time to train the children...extra workload being expected, though I really don't mind letting Yahiko have some time off to visit with his friend.

24th October 2005


An acknowledgement of my orders from my unproductive agent greets me when I arrive at the station. All I can do now is wait for another assassination attempt and prepare myself for the possibility of never knowing, if one does not come, who was behind the first. And go about my usual dull work. I shouldn't be so quick to complain about my boring job -- as Tokio said, peace is good. But that's only if you can believe in it, which I really can't.

I'm probably just impatient for lunch time to roll around, at which point I plan to go find Sagara. I shouldn't be impatient for that either, though, as I don't think it's likely to go very well. It's only been a day and a half, after all; can he have made his mind up so quickly? We'll see. I have to get through the first part of the day first, which means paying attention to these dull reports...

12th October 2005

oni_kenshin3:28pm: Kaoru is quite possibly going to murder me.

I stand up and stretch, my back having become desperately cramped while kneeling before Tomoe's grave. My work is finished though. The grave sparkles with run off water and the stone is softer looking after being soaked and cleansed. Sometimes, I consider the idea of buying a new sash to leave upon her marker to signify my presence and care in a more lasting way than simple flowers ever could, but I refrain. It would be very costly and I am without money once more. The freshly picked wildflowers that still stand erect with life will have to suffice.

I look around the graveyard in Kyoto and reflect upon my decision to come here. I had initially had a great concern for Sano's welfare. The situation looked dire, but when I finally found where he was, I was shocked to find him in the company of Saitou Hajime. Whereas this might have been a new concern, given the role Saitou needed to play on behalf of the police, it appeared more and more that Saitou was sheltering him from his colleagues. This brought up quite a few new problems. I could not tell Kaoru because she would insist upon visiting him. This would also make her less concerned for his safety and make the act around Tokyo less believable. I do not like lying to Kaoru, so I thought it best that I leave. I will have to return once everything is resolved and then have to explain my actions, but for now, Sano is safe, Kaoru-dono is safe and I have business in Kyoto with Tomoe and Hiko.

The noise erupting from my abdomen is quite disconcerting. The loud grumblings remind me once more that I have not eaten since I left and I did not stop home for money before I left, so I have no money with which to sate my hunger. I stop stretching, even though the ache is still there - my mind flashes back to Megumi lecturing me on how my body won't hold up under all the stress I put it through forever - and I straighten up. A walk to the mountains is out of the question. It is also completely unlikely that Hiko has anything other than sake at his home. Man cannot live on sake alone. The only recourse left to me is to call upon my friends at the Aoiya and hope that they will allow me to do some work in exchange for sustenance.

My feet have taken me to the door of the Aoiya before I realize that I have begun moving. I smile a little to myself as I walk up the stairs and open the door quietly, looking about for the residents of the establishment.

9th October 2005

tokio_saitou9:54pm: We walk for a while and eventually end up at this longhouse. I stare at it for a while, studying it, before my eyes lock on the door. I really know nothing about this man. Why am I suddenly nervous. I could take him. Or at least, I could distract him enough to get away. Maaa.

We go inside. I look around the room and then study his face. He's kind of nervous but nice, pointing out all the amenities and where I can sleep. He starts to talk about the guy he gave the place to and I interrupt. "What's his name? I mean, yeah, he might not show up, but it would be nice to know... what to call him if he did."

If this guy decides to show up, that means I can't change here ever.

1st October 2005

sanosuke_sagara8:31pm: It's nice to have a warm body next to me, curves and legs and breasts and long hair. She smells nice. Flowery and womanly. I like it. She's sweetness and femine passion and soft skin and rounded nails and thin arms and a slender waist and full hips and honey sex. She feels good.
Her presence is grounding, comforting.
I know where I stand. I know how I feel.
I like the touch of a woman's body.
Obviously, my touch isn't half bad either.
But nothing about her is special or exciting. And nothing about her can distract me from the turmoil of my mind.
I get dressed and leave before I give in to the strong desire to sleep off all the alcohol in my system.
The night air is cool and refreshing, helping me collect my thoughts.
I shove my injured hands in my pockets and stroll off down the street, with no particular desination in mind.
I just, need to think some more.
Under this tree seems like as good a place as any, I suppose....

Perhaps I'm being too harsh.
Is it really so wrong, the idea of two men together?
I suppose not.
Just because I find it strange, doesn't mean it's 'wrong.'
It's just, different.
I never thought about two guys liking each other.
I mean, why would they when there are women?
But Saitou obviously likes men.
And I guess his reasoning makes sense in a Saitou-sort of way.
But not all women are annoying.
And yeah, I guess they can be kinda fragile at times, but some women I'd never worry about breaking. If I ever thought that way about them, they'd kick my ass.
I can appreciate the male figure. But to be attracted to it is something different.
How can it be better than a woman's figure?
Women are curvy and pretty and just look nice. I guess some guys can be pretty, but it's just not the same. And anyways, Saitou is not curvy and he's not pretty. He's tall, muscular, and sleek. He's very, well, masculine. I wonder if women find him attractive....
But that's not the point.
It's this constant wondering.
I'm still thinking about him, even though I just had sex with a pretty girl.

Maybe I do like him....

But it's not that simple.
He's married.
That means he has a wife.
He might have kids.
Maybe my discomfort stems more from those facts than from the fact that he's a guy.
I know I like how he looks. I guess I could be attracted to him if I tried hard.
There are things about him I like, even if he pisses me off most of the time.
But he shouldn't be looking at, let alone touching, anyone but his wife.
I don't care if he doesn't love her. She's his wife. That means something.

Or am I just making up excuses not to like him?

What's there to be afraid of?

"It's Saitou."

I guess that's my answer.
It's Saitou.

12th August 2005

malcolmdie11:38am: It had been a long day, and I will be happy when its all over, but first I'll cook up dinner. I bought enough food for Yahiko and I, as well as our friends. All in all, it was a lot of food, and I had to hire a couple of porters to carry everything. I wash up and start to cook. I'll make sure that when I see Yahiko that he'll go invite Yutaro over for dinner. Its been many years since I've seen him, and I do hope my student has grown up well. Yahiko seemed pleased to see him, as he'd missed the classes today.

After my encounter with Saitou today I've been in a pretty good mood. Sure, Kenshin will recieve a lot of bruises when and if I see him again, but I might as well enjoy myself while I can. Mm...the soup smells nice. I'm not even upset with Yahiko skipping our class today; he's needed to make more friends, I've always thought, and Yutaro would do splendidly if he hadn't turned rotten after all that time in Europe. Ah, the duck was going to be great once I finished it!

I start setting our table with the dishes, hoping that Megumi and Yahiko will show up before the food is ready. The kitchen had started to smell really good. Maybe for once I'll make something that is actually delicous. Then again...I'm not in that good of mood, though I'll never let on to anyone that I hate my own meals sometimes too.

11th July 2005


I find I'm not hungry, so instead of stopping to find something to eat after work, I go straight home and just have a few cigarettes as well as a good deal of thought.

I left instructions for my agent, which he'll find tomorrow, to call off the charade if he hasn't had any luck yet. It's irksome to abandon investigation after someone who wants me dead, especially with the bad timing of my wife showing up in town this very week, but, again, I can't keep paying for a lack of results.

And I have to go back to Aizu with her, don't I? That's unforeseen and could be inconvenient, but fortunately nothing I'm in the middle of right now is particularly momentous to anyone but myself. Or unfortunately, where I'm concerned. I'll find Sagara before I go and see what he's up to and what he's thinking, see if he's figured himself out. Of course, it's only logical to assume it will take him twice as long to do so as a normal person, but even so I think I'll look for him tomorrow. That way I can make some kind of concrete plan as to when I want to go to Aizu, and can tell Tokio.

I do wonder, not too desperately, where Himura is. I don't care, and it was a little amusing to see that girl braving up to me to ask, but there is always that issue of Himura constantly managing to get himself wrapped up in important things that I generally get involved in sooner or later -- so if he still hasn't returned even after Sagara's been cleared, something may be up. Well, we'll see.

And after Aizu, I may pick up again the issue of the man who wants me dead. Of course, the issue may come to me instead; either would be acceptable, as long as there's a trail to follow. I would like to get Tokio out of the way first, though.

27th June 2005

opium_lady7:32pm: Being in an empty house isn't much fun as it used to be. You would think that the peace and quiet will provide a wide, uninterrupted breathing space rarely seen in this lifetime. Sadly, that isn't the case. With all the mystery brewing above my head, how can a fox not sniff about after catching the slightest whiff of blood?

So what do I have in store for me?

Hours. Long, quiet, mind-numbing hours.

I think what I really need is to amuse myself, at least for a while; look for that elusive buzz that I will certainly not find if I stay cooped up here with nothing to do. Hmm.. perhaps a stroll in the marketplace will do me good. I can even buy presents to bring back home and for my family here in Tokyo. Yes, I think I'll get Susume and Ayame a pretty little hair piece each, and Kaoru-chan a new obi... And Gensan-sensei a furoshiki or something... ah well, choices choices.

I have arrived and I definitely have not conquered, but it's about time to change that. Maybe I'll even stop by the Akabeko... heck, maybe I'll even go to Ueno Koen to celebrate hanami on my own! Nah, but that would mean I'd be back by nightfall--Yahiko, I would think, will not be too happy when he arrives without something ready to eat, And Kaoru will be appalled if she realizes I left without preamble (which is why I must not be gone for long). Hmm... where is that girl anyway? Oh well. Must leave them to their own devices after all.

I change into the new kimono I brought along and snuggly tuck my purse in my obi. I guess I'm ready to go, ne? With a last check around the house, I head off to the marketplace to wear off the lacquer on my slippers once and for all.

26th June 2005

sanosuke_sagara4:44pm: I think it boils down to this: Do I like guys? Or is it just Saitou?
I mean, it's been awhile since I've done anything with anyone, but that doesn't mean that I'm suddenly gay, right? Well, if anyone can clear it up, it's gotta be Katsu. He's a guy, and even though he can be pretty gloomy, it's not like he's bad-looking. And if I am suddenly attracted to guys, then it wouldn't be completely weird if it was Katsu.... If I do like him, then maybe I am gay. But if I don't, then it's just Saitou I have to worry about. And then this way I don't have to spend Megumi's money finding some broad in the redlight district. Not that I don't want to. I mean, I want to. Why wouldn't I want to?
So, I'll go see Katsu and then head over to the redlight district. Good plan, Sano, good plan.

A deep breath.
Knock on the door.
Knock a little harder on the door.
Don't chicken out.
But he's going to kill me!
But I have to do this otherwise I'll never know if I'm gay or not!

18th June 2005

ironpuncher2:48am: I could get used to this European food. The beef is rich, better than the beef pots at the Akabeko even. But I'm not used to these damn utensils at all! Thankfully, Tsubame made me use them from time to time, so at least I know what I'm supposed to do. That sherry stuff Yutaro was telling me about earlier isn't too bad either, though it still pales in comparison to some good sake. Yutaro and I eat mostly in silence, a butler and servant attending to our every need, never leaving his dining room. A bit stuffy in here, if you ask me.

As soon as my empty plate is whisked away, I look across the oak table and ask, "Can we go out to the garden now? I should be heading back soon, but I'd like to see it." Honestly, I should have been back at the dojo hours ago, but I'm sure Kaoru will remind me of that later.
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16th June 2005

malcolmdie5:47pm: I walk into the kitchen at the dojo, having sent my classes home early for the day. Sleeping all night against a tree doesn't leave one's muscles in the best of shape, and having one's assistant be missing for the day, leaving you with all the work, is never fun. As soon as I see Yahiko, I'm really going to have to talk to him about becoming more serious. Weary, I make some tea and sit down on a cushion to slowly drink it. Things seemed still and peaceful at the school now, and the warm day combined with how sore I am is making me really tired. Stifling a yawn, I turn my thought once again to their inevitable path.

Where was Kenshin? Was he in some kind of danger and needed our help? I'm not one for digging up information on people, but it seems like we're going to need to take some action if we're ever going to see him again.

Ah...Saitou! As much as I generally detest that man, he would probably be the best one to find him. After finishing my tea, I change into a bright kimono and put up my hair. The police station isn't all too far away, and I figure that going to meet Fujita Gorou would at least make me feel like I was doing something. I leave the dojo and make my way down the streets towards the station.

6th June 2005

heavens_sword2:13pm: Bored.




Back on the bridge again. Back to the rocks. Back to the no-skipping-ness. Stupid rocks. I talked to Yukishiro-san here awhile ago, didn't I? Hope he doesn't come back. He was a jerk. But . . . I'd rather talk to a jerk than sit here and be bored.

Aaaaaaaagh! Bored! Booooooooooooored . . .

Souzou didn't come back either. Um . . . was that last night, or a couple nights ago. I don't know. Can't remember. Too bored. Ooo! I know! I could count meals from then and now!

Oh. No meals. Forgot. Maybe 'cause I'm so BORED.

Kimi-san wouldn't even let me help with the housework. She made me go outside. To BE BORED. Maybe if I curled up in a little ball on the railing, I wouldn't be bored. It hasn't worked the past forty-one times, but maybe it will this time!

OhAncestors. Sofuckingbored.
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17th May 2005

sanosuke_sagara12:47pm: What the hell was I doing? What was I thinking? Was I thinking?
I'm about ready to go back into hiding....
I bang my fist against the floor, which does nothing to cause my frustration to subside. With my knuckles now smarting, I continue to scrub at my skin, even though I'm probably clean by now.


I rinse off quickly before submerging myself in the tub of water. Normally I'd find it relaxing, but at the moment, it seems to be having the opposite effect. Left alone to my own thoughts, all I can do is piss myself off further. My injuries enflame slightly at the heat, reminding me of my defeat, which in turns leads my mind to the aftermath. Not that I wasn't already thinking about that....
But hell if I'm just going to sulk here all day! I just--can't think of anything better to do....
The same questions keep turning in my mind--the same ones I argued with him.
It's just stupid.
I'd like to think I hate him, but from the evidence, even I can't say that I completely do.
I don't want to say I like him, but again, from the evidence, I can hardly deny that I might.
I'm not sure if this is more infuriating or depressing.
I lean back and stare up at the ceiling, taking in a few deep breaths of steam-filled air.
The least I can do is try to think about this rationally and figure out what I feel about him. He's already admitted to me what he feels....

For starters, he's not entirely bad. The fact that he uses the government to carry out his job instead of allowing those bastards to walk all over him is a bit admirable. He's really strong, which is also admirable, though slightly annoying, since I haven't beaten him yet. He's infuriating and arrogant, or maybe just infuriatingly arrogant. He's definitely the dominant sort, and that alone puts me at odds with him. What he did felt good, I won't deny it, but thinking about it, though it doesn't disgust me, makes me feel really strange, almost like I did something I shouldn't have.

'Because I did do something I shouldn't have....'


What the hell was I thinking??? How could I have encouraged him like that, not even knowing for certain how I felt? Was I born an idiot?
I think I really should go back into hiding.... Or just leave the country altogether....
But then, was it really so bad? He obviously liked it, and it's not like I didn't at least enjoy some small part of it.... His reaction, the look on his face, the sound of his gasp--he really did look good like that. . . . .

"Kuso..." I mutter irritably.
Either I'm extremely suppressed or there really isn't anything there but my need for some sex, which, now that I think about it, I haven't had in a long time. But what to do about it.... Go see him? Definitely not. But I'll have to see him eventually.... Talk to someone? Like who? It's hard enough thinking about it to myself.
And to make it worse, he is married. Whether it means anything to him or not, there is a wife involved. Does that mean there are children, too? Kamisama. That thought never even crossed my mind before. I don't know what to think anymore.
Gah. Just breathe and be calm.
I'll go to the redlight district tonight and see if that doesn't help matters.
I should be able to straighten a few things out this way.
I'll just need some money....

8th May 2005

ironpuncher1:03am: I had a couple hours to think about last night and Yutaro while I lazed around the dojo and bath. I've heard that some people have done pretty amazing things in just a few hours; haiku, childbirth, paintings, chicken sukiyaki... I must not be all that amazing since I can't even come up with a good answer--let alone a decent greeting--to give Yutaro when I see him in... oh... about right now.

The gate to his mansion is foreboding, and that's putting it rather nicely if you ask me. Oh sure, the house is beautiful--even if it is western in design--but the big iron bars and locks blocking my path...? Not so much. I feel rather small and insignificant as I stand there with Megumi's boxed lunch, staring at the structure beyond. About fifteen minutes later, I actually decide that I'm going in no matter what--I did not walk all that way with a hurt foot just to damn it all and turn around again. No sir.

"Hey," I call out from the gate. There's a gardener working in some bushes nearby that hears me. "Is the master of the house in?"
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4th May 2005


Time for another day of work. Can I get through it without being distracted thinking of last night? I don't know...

Another note on my desk informs me that I'm still no closer to discovering who hired that assassin. It's possible I'll never find out; that's happened before. It's rare, but some people do learn their lesson the first time.

If he doesn't have any luck tonight, I'll call him off. I can only afford to pay a man to get no results for so long.

10th April 2005

malcolmdie2:38am: I throw my coat over a chair, tug off my boots, and throw myself down onto my futon in my room at the Aoiya. After spending a couple weeks dealing with the idiots of the Meji government, I have to admit that is was rather relaxing to be back home. First came the summons, done as secretively and ultimately sloppy way these people seemed to prefer, asking me to go to the palace in Tokyo promising that they’d make it worth my while. Then, after reaching there, knowing full well what they planned to ask but not thinking that offending them would be the best idea, I had to sit through countless and pointless receptions, entertainments, meetings with pompous officials…

I’m glad of course to have turned down the offer to be one of the ninja now guarding the palace in Tokyo. Here at least I could live my own life, not following orders from some weak and sniveling politician. Well…there was always Misao’s playing at Okashira to consider. I sigh and stand up, figuring I should at least go and see the girl and hope she hadn’t messed things up around here. That was a bit harsh; I know the girl might turn out to be a capable leader. Of course there will be the endless tirade of questions about what I had been doing and why I didn’t go and see our “friends” in Tokyo while I was there.

Walking out of my room, I start my search for Misao, giving short greetings to the other ninjas that had finally noticed my arrival.

25th March 2005

malcolmdie3:58am: The songs of birds and the first rays of sunlight wake me. Drowsy, I rub my eyes and peer about in confusion. Rather than my comfortable futon, wrapped in a nice blanket, here I am in my gi sitting against a tree facing the river. What the...

I stand up and get the blood flowing to my brain. The events of last night come back to me as I head towards the dojo. After realizing how stupid my pity party was for myself, I decided that it was time to actually do something. I had set off into the warm evening with the thought of finding Kenshin, possibly even Sano. I had searched for quite a while, and then stopped at the tree to rest for a moment. I recall how calm and warm the night was, sitting down for just a moment...

"Baka," I berate myself as I turn down the street to take me to the dojo. "Just about an hour or so I bet till the students arrive and I still need a bath and breakfast!" Quickening my step, my mind starts planning out the classes, pushing my awareness of the rest of the world aside. At a jog I run into the dojo, around to the kitchen, hoping to whip up some quick rice for breakfast. Not noticing the smell of food, I push open the door, head to the cabinet, and with my hand halfway to opening it, stop dead.

There, sitting at the table with the eternal brat, were both Sanosuke and Megumi, obviously having been enjoying a breakfast together. In a flash, I fling myself at Megumi, nearly knocking her out of her chair.

"Megumi-san! When did you get here? I wish I knew you were coming, then I would have had planned something big to celebrate! I swear, its so good to see you again! Sano!? Where the Hell have you been?! How have things been in Aizu? Tell me that you've found your family again! Dammit Sano, you've had me worried sick! What happened to your foot Yahiko? I've told you to pay more attention to the things around you! Kenshin's off trying to find where you went after you escaped from jail Sano!" I finally take a breath, release Megumi, and stand a bit flustered in front of the table.

16th March 2005

opium_lady4:00pm: Sano's home... and he's a wreck
"Well, you got anything to eat here? I'm starving."

"Shimatta! I almost forgot--the rice is still cooking!"

I hurry with bandaging his wounds and fixing up the kit. I take a last assessment of my handiwork before I stand up and get ready to run for the kitchen.

"What would you like to eat, Sano?" I call. He deserves something special, at least. Can't remember the last time I was this willing to do something for him, let alone cook for him (have I ever?). But that's irrelevant. This is my way of saying that I'm glad he's home, even though he looks like a mess. This, or me putting him through "therapy".

"Any requests?"

Hmm, I wonder if the boys are up...
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